My name is Wes Diver and I am the founder and admin of Vitalizing Photography. This is my first blog site where I aspire to express myself through photography and literature. I created this website as a stepping stone into my future and I’m animated to see where it will take me. I’m constantly surrounding myself with inspiration and this blog will help to keep me motivated by capturing life’s beauty and leaving behind me a beautiful story. My mission statement is to focus on living in the moment and to co-create with other artists, turning visions into reality. Some of my short term goals include adding more content to this website, finding clientele for photography, advertising/promoting photography for small businesses, & creating business cards to attract more attention.


I do not claim to be a professional photographer as I am still learning everyday the fundamentals of how my camera works. I am a work in progress but a masterpiece at the same time. Michael Beckwith once said “It’s not just about the accomplishment of the goal, its about what you will become as you walk in that direction”. Everyday I am striving to learn something new that will improve my photography skill set. I have immense appreciation for the little things in life as they are all expressions of life just like I am. Nature has such a wonderful way of conveying itself. I take all my pictures for my own fulfillment and to reflect on them and feel the energy they emitted in that moment. Life is so beautiful and everyday I am grateful to wake up and be granted a new day with limitless possibilities.


I am an amateur writer and do it simply for the enjoyment of doing so. I want to further improve myself as a communicator and writer and I think that this blog will help with that. I wish to inspire other people with the words I create and the information I attain throughout the life of Vitalizing Photography.

Web Design

Currently I am attending the University of Toledo pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering Technology. Everything I’m learning is just a foot in the doorstep for my future career. I take enjoyment in learning computer languages as they keep the problem solving portion of my brain functioning. I have always been pretty decent at math and I was born in the age of major technological advancements so understanding computers is nature to me. Having my own website will not only keep me busy and inspired but also is great practice for what I’m going to school for. After I graduate I plan to move out west and find a job with my broad degree and simultaneously continue to work on my photography career.

Personal Life

I currently live alone in downtown Toledo. I work at an amazing coffee shop called Maddie & Bella’s Coffee Roasters. I really enjoy my job because I get to connect with awesome people every day and hear their stories while making them quality coffee. Being a barista isn’t even work to me, it’s more like an art. At Maddie & Bella’s we account for every variable in the process of making coffee so it’s a great job for being mindful. Outside of work I enjoy reading, playing guitar, practicing photography, longboarding with friends,  going on hikes and camping! I love being outdoors and when the weather is nice that’s usually where you can find me. I’m a down to earth person and I’m really easy to get along with and I love making new friends.


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