Farnsworth MetroPark/Thoughts on life


Today I checked out Farnsworth metro park and I had a great time. This park is located along the Maumee River in Waterville Ohio. It was about a 25 minute drive from where I live but well worth it, although I do admit I didn’t prepare for how cold it was. That’s usually my problem when I go on walks in the winter I always forget to bring gloves. My hands usually go numb but I never let that ruin my experience. I never associate the weather as too “cold”. I realized that cold and warm are just different degrees of the same thing. There are always two sides of polarity and although they may be separate they are mutually interdependent. The entire universe works upon rhythm and harmony. After I realized this it has made it easy to appreciate everything in life by applying the Yin and Yang to all principles, including weather.


I love the peace of mind I get when going out into nature. Listening is a lost art and when you truly learn to listen you can hear your own intuition. I appreciate and listen closely to the subtle ambience everywhere I go. Everything happens for a reason and you can run from it or take it as a lesson.


I admire Luna as the organism who continually lives in the moment. I learn how to live in the moment by paying close attention to the way she see’s the world. She may get cold but doesn’t put a judgement on that feeling and continues to be content. Humans are organisms just like dogs and I think there are lessons to be learned from them, as well as all other forms of life. The only difference is that we have a brain which produces the ego feeling of an individualized self. This makes us forget our fundamental nature and is why we continually try to dominate over nature. We have as much right to be here as everything else on the planet. We have become so unintelligent though and are continuing to go down the wrong path. We are the only species who has to pay to live, while all other forms of life live in abundance. Think about that one for a minute.


Thanks for reading I hope you took something from this post and felt what I was trying to express. Check out the post I re-blogged right below this one on Non-Duality and have a wonderful day!

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